Yoga for Athletes

Athletes and Yoga

Many famous athletes report to joining the practice of yoga to boost their performance on the field.

Can you guess which seven-foot tall athlete had a special mat made for his practice? How about NBA star Shaquille O'Neal! O'Neal began yoga in 2009 with the aim of improving flexibility and loosening tight muscles.

Also joining yoga in 2009, Lebron James, small forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, wanted to relieve lower back issues. He credits yoga with boosting his game by improving his stamina.

Not long after, in 2011, professional basketball star Kevin Love added yoga to his workout regime. Like James, Love attributes yoga to his improved strength and stamina.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis, has gone a step further by adopting the yoga lifestyle. He advises other athletes to be adventurous and try different things when trying to enhance their performance.

Last, but certainly not least, Evan Longoria was drawn to yoga’s core-strengthening abilities. He credits yoga with keeping him loose and calm in preparation for his baseball games.

If yoga is good enough for the pros, maybe yoga can boost your game too!

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

Yoga offers the benefits of muscle lengthening and flexibility that you don't usually get from gym workouts.

Additional benefits of yoga include:
-Improving core strength
-Increasing focus
-Preventing injury
-Taming breath control
-Providing a wider range of motion

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Yoga has Never Been More Accessible

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